27-28 September, 2018

Boston, USA

Translation of Novel Pain Drug Discoveries into Clinically Validated Therapies

Discover & Identify Novel Analgesic Targets & Accelerate the Translation of Safer & Effective Next Generation Pain Therapies

With pain affecting more Americans than diabetes, heart diseases and cancer combined, the social, economic and health impact of pain on USA and worldwide has led the biopharmaceutical industry to unite in a common goal to innovate and accelerate the discovery and development of novel pain management therapeutics that are safe, non-addictive and effective for the unmet need of the patients.

This summit and its expert speaker faculty will update you on the latest and most innovative R&D efforts currently ongoing in the discovery of novel analgesic targets, their mechanism of action and associated translational hurdles as well as how they see the field of pain research to evolve towards developing the next generation of safe and effective pain management therapeutics in the near future.

Key areas of focus

  • Contemporary Pain Management Therapeutics as a Catalyst for Better Pain R&D- The challenge facing drug developers in pain drug R&D is twofold: developing new generation pain drugs that are effective in pain management while to minimizing the addictive side effects. Find out how the latest development in non-addictive opioid pain drug development could pave your approach towards developing safe and effective next generation pain drugs
  • Optimizing the Validation of Novel Analgesic Targets- Pain management is of great therapeutic relevance to almost every medical specialty and understanding the complex underlying mechanism of action and discovering novel analgesic targets are key to successfully develop alternative pain therapies. Find out about some of the most cutting edge areas of pain research in pursuit of novel analgesic target identification and validation
  • Overcoming Key Translational Hurdles- Well-designed clinical studies to demonstrate safety and significant efficacy above and beyond placebo controls and existing pain treatments is critical to reduce failure rates. Hear about the development of pain models that have true predicatively and translational capacities as well as clinical validation and predictively of biomarkers that will be as important as ever to overcome patient selection, recruitment and adherence challenges associated with next generation pain drug development
  • Successful Clinical Development of Novel Pain Drugs- The long term goal of the most of the drug developers is to develop new alternatives for pain relief that are safe and effective. At our summit, through case studies and networking opportunities, widen your understanding and your company’ horizon by establishing new clinical trial networks and contacts to accelerate drug development for patients with high unmet needs for pain management



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